We care about your health with our professional staff including Pharmacists and Chemists, and while we send our quality and safe products to all over the world, we serve as a company that respects the individual and the environment with the peaceful working environment we provide to our employees.


We aim to increase our effectiveness in the national and international market by specializing in all kinds of food supplements.

About Us

Established in 2014, Ensa MNS Food Supplements Production and Research Center provides services with its professional staff including pharmacists and chemists. It produces food supplements with vitamin, mineral and herbal content under the right conditions and by providing the necessary controls. In addition to its exports to dozens of countries, especially Iraq, Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Vietnam, it continues its production for Turkey.

With the respect and care it shows for human health, it can develop dozens of different formulations and delivers them to you in various forms such as tablets, capsules, chassis, drops, syrup. Thanks to the healthy communication it establishes with the customer during the production stages, it facilitates the follow-up of the process and ensures customer satisfaction by delivering its products on time.

It provides support for licensing in domestic sales, follows the legal processes of the relevant country in international sales and ensures the preparation of the necessary documents. At the same time, after the approval of the order, it continues to provide support to its customers in other issues such as design and packaging selection.